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The Kumon Method
at Universities

Provide the Kumon Method
to more people who wish to improve
their basic academic ability and skills

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The rate of students advancing to college or university now exceeds 50% in Japan. Thus, there is an increasing need for remedial education and first-year university education. In fact, we have begun to receive requests from universities for the implementation of the Kumon Method. Our efforts to implement the Kumon Method at universities are aimed at responding to these needs of society.

We have heard from universities who have implemented the Kumon Method that students have been able to successfully rebuild their basic academic abilities. Universities have also given Kumon positive evaluations from the point of view of improvement in study habits and motivation.

In the academic year 2011, Kumon presented its achievements to the Japan Association for Developmental Education and to the Japanese Association of First-Year Experience at Universities and Colleges and to the Japanese Society for the Study of Career Education. At these conferences, many individuals associated with universities expressed interest in our project.

We will continue to provide the Kumon Method to meet the needs of people wishing to improve their basic academic ability and develop their skills.

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A case of implementation at a university

Since the academic year 2006, Niigata Sangyo University has been implementing Kumon math for its first-year students to help them make a smooth transition to the high-level study of economics. Students taking the Kumon program are selected based on their placement test results at enrollment. They begin Kumon from the level of mental calculation of addition and subtraction so as to acquire a good learning speed, which is one of the characteristics of the Kumon Method. The students are expected to study 1,000 worksheets in four months, but some students go far beyond this goal. The professor who implemented the Kumon Method said that the students not only enhanced their calculation capability but also improved their study attitude daily, enabling them to improve in other subjects as well. It was reported that the number of dropouts had also been reduced, and we presented these results at an academic conference. This example of Niigata Sangyo University is now drawing attention from other universities as a case in which the Kumon Method contributes to raising the motivation of students. In the future implementation of Kumon at universities, we will strive to put into practice more of Kumon's features as an individualized system of education based on each student's ability. Furthermore, we will implement our program in accordance with the different situations of each university.

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