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Books and
Educational Toys

Bringing out children's potential through books and educational toys

Kumon's books and educational toys develop children's life skills through reading, learning, and playing.

Books and educational toys

Photo: Workbooks

Kumon Publishing develops and markets picture books, children's books, workbooks for preschoolers, and study-aid books, as well as educational toys and merchandise. Our mission is to make a contribution to children's futures through our publications and education-related products that develop children's ability to learn. These products, after being tested in actual educational situations, have received highly positive evaluations in the marketplace.
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Picture books
We want to deliver joy to as many children as possible. We also hope to further enrich children's futures. These wishes of ours are incorporated into each of our picture books. Our greatest pleasure is to see family members enjoying active communication with one another, and to see children filled with the warmth of affection, by reading our picture books.

Flash cards
Through joyful communication between parent and child, we wish to see children receive a high input of words and numbers. And, through the development of such enriched communication, we hope to see the big smiles of mothers, fathers, and all members of the family! Our flash card products are created based on these wishes of ours.

Workbooks for preschoolers
We offer workbooks that have been designed by applying our know-how cultivated through the Kumon Method. Our workbooks help your children easily and enjoyably acquire basic study elements, such as letters, words, and numbers, as well as fundamental work skills, such as cutting, pasting, and folding on their own.

Study-aid books / Dictionaries
The know-how of Kumon worksheets is utilized in our Workbooks for Elementary School Students series, which cover such study topics as addition and subtraction. They help children self-learn from basic to advanced levels. We also provide study-aid books that ensure that elementary school and junior high school students develop basic academic abilities, as well as dictionaries for preschoolers, elementary school students and junior high school students.

Children's books
Through the reading of books, we want children to gain a wide variety of knowledge and to develop a well-rounded character. We hope that children become book lovers and develop the ability to think and act on their own when facing difficulties by applying the wisdom and knowledge obtained through the books that they have read. These are the wishes that underlie all of our children's books.

Educational books / General books
Kumon's educational books and general books cover many topics, from child-raising to topics of interest for adults. Through these books, we want to share with as many mothers and fathers as possible the wide variety of information that Kumon has specifically acquired through its activities so as to enrich their lives.

Educational toys

Photo: Educational toys

Baby's first toys
Babies rapidly expand the range of their activities after becoming capable of sitting up. By being able to sit up, they can freely use their hands, allowing them to play utilizing their hands.

Educational toys / Educational merchandise
Kumon's educational toys are designed in a way to develop the brains of children through the repetition of ways of playing that encourage them to think while using their hands and to use their hands while thinking. Each toy has only a few selected functions, enabling even infants to enjoy playing with them while they develop their ability to concentrate.

Kumon Publishing North America

The publications of Kumon Publishing, spearheaded by Kumon Publishing North America (established in August 2004), have been translated into a variety of foreign languages, including English and Spanish, and are used by children in 57 countries and regions around the world (as of May 2016). Our publication activities outside of Japan were initiated after hearing a staff member of Kumon North America comment on the high quality of Kumon's Japanese workbooks for preschoolers. Previous to that, there were no similar products that were comparable to ours in terms of quality in North America. We launched our publishing activities there because, just as for the children in Japan, we wanted to also help children in North America to become self-motivated and to develop their abilities through enjoying our workbooks.

Helping children develop life skills. Kumon develops children's basic academic abilities, the foundation of all learning.

Math Program / Language Program

Kumon offers learning opportunities in 49 countries
and regions around the world.

Kumon delivers the joy of learning to
everyone, from children to senior citizens.


Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
we at Kumon always have, and
always will, place the utmost
importance on continuing to learn.

Kumon Institute of
Education Co., Ltd.

Instructors and staff continuously learn from students.

Words of the founder of
Kumon that we value.

Through the Kumon Method we aim to foster sound, capable individuals who can succeed in achieving their goals in life.

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One father’s love for his son gave birth to the Kumon Method of learning.

Kumon has a dream, a dream of world peace brought about by education.

Timeless and borderless,
Kumon does its all for each and every individual.

It began with children in Japan and now extends to students all around
the world.

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