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Japanese Language Program

Kumon's Japanese program is available for foreign nationals residing in Japan.

Kumon offers a Japanese program for foreign nationals living in Japan. In order to get a head start in Japanese society, students from many countries are studying Japanese at Kumon. In today's global society, where mutual exchange is promoted worldwide,
Kumon is making a contribution in the field of Japanese language study.

Study method

The Kumon Method Japanese Language Program is designed to help you acquire Japanese proficiency (in reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar) that will be useful in a wide variety of settings in your daily life and work.

Through repeated exercises in reading and writing Japanese, you will gain grammatical skills and enrich your vocabulary, which will be helpful in every setting of your life and work. For instance, this program will enable you to fill out documents required by government offices and hospitals, to improve your communication at work, to understand posters and signs, as well as to read newspapers and books.

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1. Self-learning in your native language
With guidance in your native language (English, Portuguese or Chinese), you will acquire Japanese proficiency by repeatedly listening to CDs, reading worksheets and writing on your own.

2. Studying at your own level and pace
You will begin your study at your current level of Japanese. Then, you will steadily enhance your Japanese language proficiency at your own pace.

3. Effective support for each and every student
The instructors of the Kumon Japanese Language Program will assess your learning progress and help you motivate yourself to improve, in addition to grading your worksheets and giving effective advice.

4. Two ways to study: in-class study or correspondence study
The in-class course is for students who wish to study at a Kumon Center, while the correspondence course is designed for those who are too busy to go to a Center and wish to study at home. Please choose the course that you find most convenient.

Correspondence Course with Online Reading Lessons

Online reading lesson with the Japanese correspondence course

Photo: Online reading lesson with the Japanese
correspondence course

The Correspondence Course with Online Reading Lessons is perfect for people who are too busy to come to a Kumon Center, or for students who don't live near a Kumon Center. It allows students to study at home at their own pace. Students do the worksheets at home and, twice a month, they are able to enjoy reading aloud practice with an Instructor over the internet. Instructors are able to communicate with students in English, Portuguese or Chinese.

In-Class Course

Reading lesson at a Kumon Center

Photo: Reading lesson at a Kumon Center

Students can take an in-class course if there is a Kumon Center offering the Japanese program within commuting distance. The students go to the Center on two designated days per week. They have their worksheets graded, make corrections, and receive reading lessons at the Center. The rest of the week, they are assigned homework for study at home.

Learning Materials

The worksheets, which progress in a series of small steps, consist of 15 levels and a total of 3,000 worksheets. The entire range of the Japanese language is covered- starting with the fundamentals and proceeding up through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

1. Learning materials that promote self-learning
Kumon worksheets progress in a series of small steps and include directions written in your native language (English, Portuguese or Chinese).

2. Advancing by small steps through carefully planned levels
The worksheets of the Kumon Japanese Language Program are structured in 15 levels from Level 4A through Level L, with 3,000 worksheets that increase in difficulty in small steps. CDs are available for all the worksheets ensuring a large amount of material for listening practice.

Comment from Student: Weraduwage Sriyani (Correspondence Course)

Weraduwage Sriyani

Weraduwage Sriyani
(Correspondence Course)

Now I can read and communicate in Japanese, I can help my husband in his job.

I am studying Japanese because I am living in Japan. The only way to live and support myself here is to be able to communicate in Japanese.
If I go to the doctor, I cannot tell him my symptoms unless I can speak Japanese. Before I could neither speak nor write in Japanese, or cope with customers. I used to be always in trouble.

Now I can read and communicate in Japanese, I can help my husband in his job.
It is hard to find time to study. But I try to keep my study time to around 1 hour per day. I write difficult Kanji in a notebook, I practice reading aloud the worksheets while listening to the CD.

If I had not studied with Kumon, I would not be able to speak Japanese.
I want to work as a volunteer interpreter at the Sri Lankan Embassy.

Comment from Student: Nikolay Vyuzhanin (Class Course)

Nikolay Vyuzhanin

Nikolay Vyuzhanin
(Class Course)

At Kumon you can study at your own pace!

Kumon is good because I can study during my free time. Before, when I attended a Japanese class run by volunteers, I ran into the trouble of having to move forward to the next step without understanding the current step, whenever I was absent for class. At the Japanese class, I could remember the material during class, but I would forget about it later.

At Kumon, you yourself can determine the pace at which you study Japanese. Also, since Kumon uses worksheets, you can remember Japanese properly and look back on the worksheets later when you forget a word or a phrase. Also, the volunteer Japanese class I attended employed group-oriented lessons so I did not always have the chance to speak, but Kumon allows me to practice speaking Japanese through its one-on-one sessions with the instructor (even for a short period of time).

Furthermore, Kumon allows you to practice reading aloud Japanese, both individually and in front of the instructor, which naturally develops your Japanese conversation skills.

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Kumon offers learning opportunities in 49 countries
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Kumon delivers the joy of learning to
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Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
we at Kumon always have, and
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importance on continuing to learn.

Kumon Institute of
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Instructors and staff continuously learn from students.

Words of the founder of
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Through the Kumon Method we aim to foster sound, capable individuals who can succeed in achieving their goals in life.

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One father’s love for his son gave birth to the Kumon Method of learning.

Kumon has a dream, a dream of world peace brought about by education.

Timeless and borderless,
Kumon does its all for each and every individual.

It began with children in Japan and now extends to students all around
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