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Immersion Camp

Using English as a tool to give a global perspective, we will strive to nurture individuals
who can make a contribution to the global community.

Available in Japan

Kumon's English Immersion Camp (EIC) started in 2001, aiming to nurture individuals who can make a contribution to the global community by using their ability to communicate in English.

In this camp, children take on the challenge of spending several days in an entirely English-speaking environment with people from different countries and backgrounds.

English is now spoken not only by natives, but by people from different mother tongue languages throughout the world. It is considered an important tool not only for communicating with people of different languages, but also for understanding differences in cultures and for respecting one another.

While living with people from different cultures and backgrounds, without being afraid of making mistakes, children challenge themselves to communicate in English. They also learn the importance of accepting and respecting each other's differences as global citizens.

While gaining a global perspective and learning about current events around the world, children become more confident and come to believe in their potential by taking on new challenges without being afraid of making mistakes.

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There is something everyone can do for the world!

There is something everyone can do for the world!

“I'm a lucky person. I have a home, as well as something to eat and drink. I'm also able to go to school.”
“I used to think that there was nothing special in my daily life. But I realized that I was very lucky to have such an ordinary life.”
“By learning about global warming, I realized that I should make changes in my daily life.”
These are comments from children who listened to presentations at the EIC, given in English, on world issues.

Participating children also talked about their goals and dreams:
“I might not be able to do anything big, but by continuously taking small environmentally-friendly actions, I want to make all the people happy throughout the world.”
“I want to be an English book writer and share the realities of the world with many people.” “I will study English harder to become a scientist.” As you can see here, EIC also enhances children's motivation for learning English.

English Immersion Camp 2016 has been successfully completed

English Immersion Camp 2015

Four English Immersion Camp sessions were held this year. There were three sessions at the Hotel Biwako Plaza in Moriyama City in Shiga Prefecture from August 1st through 6th, 8th through 11th, and 13th through 16th and one session at the Izu Training Center of the Kumon Kokusai Junior and Senior High School from August 19th through 24th.

Both the EIC 6 Day Program (for children studying Kumon English materials Level I1 or above or having achieved EIKEN Grade 3 on the test in Practical English Proficiency (STEP)) and the EIC 4 Day Program (for children studying Kumon English materials Levels G2 - I1 or having achieved EIKEN Grade 4 on the Test in Practical English Proficiency (STEP)) were held. All of the participants (323 children) of these four camps session graduated from EIC 2016!

5th Tohoku Trip Completion Report

the 4th Tohoku Trip

From March 28th through April 1st, 2016 a group including 12 former EIC participants, together with 5 Camp Leaders from Indonesia and Nepal, visited the Tohoku area. Five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the northeastern part of Japan. Although the number of media reports about the Tohoku area has been decreasing, the recovery of the Tohoku area is not yet complete. There is still a great amount of work to be done. The participants wrote a report in English about what they did, learned and felt on their trip. They report on what should be done to help in the future and they pass on the message they would like to share with everyone.

EIC 15th Anniversary Event Report

The English Immersion Camp 15th Anniversary Event was held at the Sunshine Shirako Hotel in Chiba Prefecture on March 20th and 21st. There were a total of 190 participants, which included former EIC participants, family members, Camp Leaders, Staff and guests.

EIC 15th Anniversary Event
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