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Environmental Communication

Display at Instructors Conference about environmental management

The World Instructors Conference is an annual event. In 2015 it was held on March 6th at the Kobe International Exhibition Hall with 3,500 participants.

At that conference we set up a display detailing the support that Kumon is providing to WWF Japan for reforestation efforts. The exhibit was aimed at deepening the understanding of Staff and Instructors regarding the importance of forest preservation.

Picture book with environmental theme published

The picture book I Am a Tree Doctor was published by Kumon Publishing in March, 2015.

“How long do you think a cherry tree lives?

I cut off many of the leaves. Then the tree soon withered.
A caterpillar munched on the leaves and the tree became bald.
The author of the book is a tree surgeon. He expresses the feelings of trees in this book.
Why not read this book and become a friend of tree.

This book is intended to encourage children to become more familiar with trees and forests. We hope the book will make the reader realize the importance of forests.”

Information disclosure through environmental reports

Since fiscal year 2013, the Kumon Group has been posting environmental reports on our website making information public about our environmental preservation activities and results (electricity usage, CO2 emissions, paper usage, and paper recycling), in addition to the Kumon Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy.

Environmental education for Kumon Staff

The Kumon Group provides environmental education to all staff members in order to help raise their awareness and deepen their understanding of the environment. In FY2015 at training sessions for new management level Staff and at other staff training sessions e learning was used to improve environmental awareness. Staff studied global environmental problems, environmental management and compliance with environmental regulations.

Furthermore, by displaying posters and data about the environment in offices, each Group company has been successful in raising environmental awareness every year. We now provide more opportunities to learn about the environment and share information among staff members.

Distribution of in-company environmental newsletter

Every quarter, the Kumon Group distributes the Kumon Green News in Japanese and English to all Group companies. The newsletters include quarterly environmental data by region, as well as environmental activity reports sent from each Group company to be shared worldwide.

In addition, each Group company promotes their own environmental activities, for example by making Associates aware of environmental topics.

Environmental activities by North America, South America,
Asia and Oceania, China, Europe and Africa, and Japan