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Kumon: the organization that never stops learning

There is always “something better.”

Instructors and staff continuously learn from students.

The more we study, the more we discover “something better.”


Brazil: Boa Vista Center
Instructor: Glaucia Lopes de Domenico

I became a Kumon Instructor to carry on the aspirations of my mother, and the key to my Center’s success is what I learn from my fellow Instructors.

I deepen my understanding by learning from student case studies.


Macau: Kumon Champs Education Center
Instructor: To Yan

Difficult experiences have taught me to be aware that there is always more to learn. I never stop learning from students as well as from parents.

The joy of learning is the key to both my students and my own development.


Botswana: Francistown Center
Instructor: Segametse Raguin

Kumon brings out children’s full potential.
I learned just how amazing Kumon is from my students.

The true authors of the worksheets are the students in Kumon Centers


Math Learning Materials Developers

Staff members involved in learning materials development regularly visit Kumon Centers. There, they can observe the students and learn about which sections of the worksheets they find the most difficult. Their goal is always to incorporate “something better” in the learning materials.

Kumon offers learning opportunities in 49 countries
and regions around the world.

Kumon delivers the joy of learning to
everyone, from children to senior citizens.


Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
we at Kumon always have, and
always will, place the utmost
importance on continuing to learn.

Kumon Institute of
Education Co., Ltd.

Instructors and staff continuously learn from students.

Words of the founder of
Kumon that we value.

Through the Kumon Method we aim to foster sound, capable individuals who can succeed in achieving their goals in life.

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One father’s love for his son gave birth to the Kumon Method of learning.

Kumon has a dream, a dream of world peace brought about by education.

Timeless and borderless,
Kumon does its all for each and every individual.

It began with children in Japan and now extends to students all around
the world.

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